Basic Facts & Overview

The Lutheran Church Mission in Uganda (LCMU) is a young and energetic church body that has grown mightily through the power of the Holy Spirit since it was planted in 1994 by the Evangelical Lutheran Church of Ghana (ELCG) working in partnership with the Lutheran Church Missouri Synod. The LCMU does not yet have their own website but we’re pleased to offer this page of basic information until they do.

• The LCMU has over 79 congregations/preaching stations—some meet in buildings and some meet under mango trees but all belong to the Body of Jesus Christ! With a total membership of over 25,000.
• The leading congregation in Kampala meets on the Lutheran Media Ministry Uganda grounds and has the flavor of an “international congregation”. Worshipers hail from Uganda, Tanzania, Kenya, Zimbabwe, and other African nations.
• The LCMU is a national Church Body with congregations in all 4 regions of the country: Northern, Eastern, Central and Western. Significant clusters of congregations can be seen in the list below. The LCMU operates in 21 of the 78 districts in Uganda. The LCMU works in 10 of the approximately 42 language groups in Uganda.
• The highest local authority of LCMU is the Delegates Conference. It comprises of representatives from LCMU member congregations. The conference meets once every Four years to deliberate on major policies and issues of the church, to consider constitutional amendments and to elect officers to serve on the Board of Directors. Current Board of Directors include:
o Mr. Noah Isanga, President
o Rev. Charles Bameka, Vice President
o Mr. Elijah Rwanika, General Secretary
o Mr. David Kulaba, Treasurer
o Mr. Ronald Muyamba, Youth Representative
o Mr. Fred Magezi, South Western Representative
o Mr. Moses Yawe, Central Representative
o Mr. Joshua Musitwa, Eastern Representative
o Rev. Moses Lokong, North Eastern Representative
o Mr. Jesse Kibagenda Agaba, Western Representative
o Mrs. Jane Byakutaaga, Women’s Representative
o M/S Margaret Mande, Representative Far East
• The LCMU has Five seminary-trained-and-certified ordained pastors Rev. Charles Bameka, Rev. Moses Lokong, Rev. Aaron Bamuwamye, Rev. Jerome Wamala and Rev. Samuel Ogwang
• The LCMU has had a three seminary trained-and-certified men sent by the ELCG over the years, including: Evangelist Solomon (and Georgina) Ayagri, Evangelist John Donkoh, and Rev. Isaac Gyampadu.
• The LCMU has many lay-leaders who lead worship and preach week-in and week-out. Many lay-leaders are commissioned as evangelists and serve as congregational pastors.
• Many lay-leaders are trained on a monthly basis at one of 7 Mission Training Centers (MTCs) located in: Ibanda, Masindi, Lira, Busia, Iganga/Jinja, Amudat and Kampala. Lay-leaders who prove themselves at the MTC level may be nominated to receive advanced training through Theological Education by Extension (TEE) which meets twice per month in Kampala and has a 2-year curriculum. Successful completion of TEE qualifies a man to apply for seminary but many will continue to serve with distinction in their local context.
• The LCMU has 7 men studying at the seminary of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in Kenya (ELCK) in Matongo and 9 students at Lutheran Theological Seminary in Tshwane, Pretoria, South Africa. Needless to say, we are eager for them to complete their studies and join the work.
• Lutheran Media Ministry Uganda (LMMU) is an affiliate of Lutheran Hour Ministries and enjoys a close, fraternal relationship with the LCMU. The LMMU Director, Rev. Charles Bameka, is also the Vice President of the LCMU.
• The Lutheran Church Missouri Synod, St. Louis USA, LCMS, has an informal partnership with the LCMU through the LCMS World Mission department.
• Currently LCMU is served by 2 (two) fulltime missionary from LCMS – Rev. Jacob Gillard and Shauen Trump, both serving as Teaching Missionaries for LCMU’s TEE class.
• The LCMU is by far and away the largest Lutheran Church body in Uganda. It also has the longest track-record. (Others sometimes claim they were the first Lutherans in Uganda—also planted in 1994. Their claim only has merit if they admit they broke away from (or were sent away from) the LCMU. Rest assured, the LCMU is the only Lutheran denomination in Uganda that can say it has enjoyed a continuous and unbroken relationship with the LCMS and the ELCG all the way back to 1994.)
• Many Christians from Australia and USA have had meaningful relationships with the LCMU over the years—usually thru congregationally-based, short-term, teams. This includes, in no particular order:
o Friends Serving Uganda
o Missions Made Possible
o With God’s Little Ones
o Messiah Lutheran, St. Charles, MO
o Immanuel Lutheran, Brookfield, WI
o Trinity Lutheran (Freistadt), Mequon, WI
o Trinity Lutheran, Roselle, IL
o Good Shepherd Lutheran Church, Para Vista, Australia
o Gloria Dei Lutheran Church, Urbandale, Iowa
o Vestavia Hills Lutheran Church, Alabama

Roster of Congregations & Preaching Centers

Transparency and accountability are watchwords among those in the LCMU. As such, we are pleased to offer a roster of all LCMU congregations and preaching centers. The bolded titles will guide you to the official administrative districts on your map of Uganda. Those marked P/C are preaching centers.

Bubogo Redeemer Lutheran Church
St. Paul Bulumwaki
Nawandala P/C
Nawansega P/C
Nabidonga P/C in the center of town
Bunangwe P/C


Tororo church (recently formed and under Busia)


Kitwe P/C
Kakiika P/C
Kyamujumbi P/C

Mbarara Lutheran church (in town)

Kazo 1
Kazo 2


Kazo 1
Kazo 2

Jinja Trinity
Mafubira P/C
Lubanyi P/C

Kamuli Lutheran church
Kasambira P/C

Kampala congregation

Masindi Town


St. Luke – Lira Town
Good Shepherd Akia

Gulu Lutheran church

Amudat (Southern Karamoja)
This region in Northeastern Uganda has 10 Lutheran Churches (L.C) grown working in partnership with the Western Kenya Diocese of ELCK (Evangelical Lutheran Church of Kenya). The churches include;

Amudat L.C
Napokotom L.C
Alakas L.C
Lopdot L.C
Katabok L.C
Dingding L.C
Alaphat L.C
Cherelachkoghum L.C.
Naporokocho L.C
Chemokol L.C
A final word of advice from Jacob

I’ve had many inquiries from Christians in developed countries who desire to get involved in Uganda. There’s a steep learning curve when it comes to initiating and maintaining cross-cultural partnerships and in some ways it should be left to professionally trained, full-time missionaries. Still, I’m happy to be “boots on the ground” and offer the following caveats:
• There may be up to 5 Lutheran church bodies in Uganda but not all should be considered legitimate. Some have “self-appointed” bishops. Some are not properly registered with the NGO Board. Some exist on paper only. But the LCMU is not like those just mentioned. The LCMU is one of only two Lutheran church bodies in Uganda considered to be legitimate by the Lutheran Communion for Central and Eastern Africa (LUCCEA), a regional accrediting agency. (The other Lutheran church body considered to be legitimate is the Uganda Lutheran Church Foundation (ULCF)). Deal with anyone else at your own risk!
• Christians from developed countries should not take it upon themselves to “sponsor” or send money directly to any member or congregation of the LCMU. Such a practice hinders the development of the Church in so many ways. It fosters jealously, distrust, and reduces accountability to local leadership. Again, please do not send money to Africa. Instead, send it thru the Mission Board of your church body (e.g. LCMS World Mission) so that 100% of your financial gift will reach the field and be applied in a way that will build up and not tear down the Body of Christ.


The Lutheran Media Ministry – Uganda (LMMU) was established in I995 with the introduction of “This is the Life” weekly Lutheran Hour Ministry episodes on Uganda Television. A moderate office was opened in November 1996 in Jinja, and officially dedicated in May 1997 to handle the responses generated as a result of the TV program and also to coordinate the various Ministry programs like Bible Correspondence Course that were being initiated by the Ministry.

Though administered and governed independent of the Lutheran Church Mission, the Lutheran Media Ministry works in partnership with the Lutheran Church Mission in Uganda, thus contents of all its programs produced reflect the mission concerns and the confessional beliefs held by the Lutheran Church Mission in Uganda.

LMMU fulfils its mission by;

a. Producing contextual Christian programs for outreach.
b. Coordinating the on going ministry of the Churches in Uganda particularly the Lutheran Church.
c. Developing effective programs for follow-up ministry on the referrals sent to the congregations in coordination with the local congregations and preaching stations.

Lutheran Media Ministry is a very good and effective tool for evangelism and must be encouraged and supported by the Lutheran family hear and overseas. The ministry among it many benefits;

(i) assists the church in rural and urban ministry in their evangelistic efforts.
(ii) helps establish a proper communication system between member churches, preaching stations and the public at large.
(iii) help in producing religious materials for radio and television programs.
(iv) helps promote the young Lutheran Church in Uganda.
(v) helps in training for evangelism and follow-up through the ‘Equipping the Saints Program’.

There has been struggles, pain and hardships in the birth of the Churches, but success has been possible because the Holy Spirit has worked through the gifts and talents of many men and women who have dedicated their time and resources for the service of God and Others.
The challenge promise of Christ is as relevant today as it was in the New Testament tiems. He says, “I will build my church and not even death will ever be able to overcome it” Matt . 16:18b.

Our only goal in to proclaim Christ Jesus and bring many unbeliever to his church while strengthening the faithful with Word and Sacraments. Amen

Last updated October 2009


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  1. Information: Partnership ,
    our address PO,BOX11296Kampala Uganda ,
    Office in Nsambya by pass plot 333,block 209kampala

  2. nellie malefetse Maleka Says:

    I wish to register for a short course for Lay preachers

  3. Bishop PP Buthelezi Says:

    Please contact me, Bishop PP Buthelezi from ELCSA-SED, need your assistance for a friend of mine in Kampala from Hungary

  4. Says:

    Hi my name is Pamela Bartos and I will be coming to Uganda in January to volunteer at a orphanage that agreed to let me come. My plan is to make Uganda my home and a part of that would be to join a church. I am Lutheran Missouri Synod just like all of you and I would love to make some friends while I am here getting ready to go. I have background in marketing, farming, and child care. I am currently a student, working towards my bachelor’s and I will be completing in online while I am in Uganda. Than I hope to find a job or even start my own business to support myself and to become a good citizen of Uganda. That is my intent is to make Uganda my home, serve God, and help wherever I can to help your country. My email is and I look forward to hearing from you. I think getting involved in a church would be a great way to getting to know the people there. I am very friendly, loving, and easy going. God Bless. Pam

  5. You don’t provide a means by which people can contact you.

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